Male Athlete of the Month: Nathan Barnett

Submitted photo Nathan Barnett

Submitted photo
Nathan Barnett

By Saline Eagle Staff

Nate Barnett, the Saline High School December Male Athlete of the Month, states “I have played soccer since I was five and I really like the intensity and competitive spirit. While soccer is currently his main passion, Nate also played football while in middle school and also was on the varsity wrestling team his first year of high school. He was named most valuable offensive player and also made it on the All-District team for this soccer season. 
As a senior, Nate’s favorite subject is Human Physiology and he anticipates he will also be most interested in an upcoming course in Exercise Physiology. He finds these subjects very interesting because he is, “very interested in how the human body works.” Nate says that his Human Physiology class has definitely influenced what he would like to study in college.
Nate plans to get a degree in Exercise Science and also go into a ROTC program. After college he would like to do some personal training and also open a gym. He has applied to Michigan State, Western Michigan, and Central Michigan.
Nate divides his time between his mom and dad, and has one brother who graduated from Western Michigan University. His brother now lives in Texas.
Nate’s favorite teams are Michigan and Michigan State football and soccer. He has spoken with some coaches about continuing to play soccer while attending college, but has not yet made up his mind. When asked his feelings about participating in sports, his reply was, “I would say if you have a sport you are interested in it is a great choice to participate. I have made some of the greatest friends through playing soccer and I think participating in soccer was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”
Nate’s mom states, “At age 5 on his SASA “Squirts” team, Nate would do cartwheels up and down the side lines when he was out of the game and a happy dance back onto the field when he went back in. He has always had a love for the game. It’s been rewarding and fun to watch him and his teammates--some of whom he’s played with since the Squirts days--become such good soccer players and, in the process, learn team skills and develop friendships that will have positive effects throughout their lives.”
Nate and his family are proud that he has been chosen to represent Saline High School as the December Male Athlete of the Month.

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