Hornets struggle to score against Grosse Pointe South

Photos and story by Michael Charter

With Grosse Pointe South shooting twice as many times on goal as Saline, the outcome came to an end before the final buzzer. Players Ethan Peitz and Mikhail Lozovyy were able to push the puck into the net directly after the second period face off, changing the score to 3-1. 
The final score of 9-1 with 2 minutes and 18 seconds on the clock sent the Hornets to the locker room early. After the game. Coach Denzin’s impressions of the game were that Grosse Pointe has a strong team this year and the coach further stated “we need to score goals, with only 3 goals all year, but seeing glimpses and moments of what our offense can look like brings promise.” 
“With this punch to the chin,” Denzin knows the seasons early and it’s a great opportunity for the team to realize where on the ice they need to focus. March and February is when it matters and the team will keep working hard until the end. 

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