Can’t take it with you

By Michael Charter

A cold night in Michigan and a warm house on the Saline High School stage. The play, You Can’t Take It With You, performed by the talented high school drama club, brings the eighty year old play written by George Kaufman and Moss Hart to life. 
The life of the Vanderhofs may be a bit strange even by today’s standards, but the message from grandpa “just relax” sounds through the lips of the director, Kristen Glatz. “Just enjoying your life and accepting who you are is a good message for our teen-agers” she said. “It’s a really great group to work with, and its been fun working with such a bunch of dedicated and energetic teens with a great sense of humor” Kristen remarked. 
Grandpa, shaped by Ethan Baker, with subtle humor, relaxes in his chair and routes his family from becoming unplugged. Baker, as grandpa, warmly inserts the needed grounding advice to his granddaughter Alice.
Opposing her grandfather’s philosophies, Alice, played by Lexi Morris, would much rather hide her family from her upscale boyfriend’s parents. From Alice’s mother’s lighthearted artistic behavior (Merredith Zehnder) to her father’s (Collin Williams) child like tendencies, Alice’s boyfriend Tony, finds no flaw. Grandpa and Tony, played by Joseph Pryor, find connections between both families with help from Saline’s crack cast. 
After seven weeks of working on the set, altering, and ritualistic stage play, Salines troupe firmly connects the Vanderhof family with the audience leaving the question, should I pay my income tax? 
( “Pay income tax” it was a pun throughout the play. The grandfather didn’t have to pay income tax in the end because a prior house guest died.)

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