Walberg Votes to Protect Taxpayers, Rein in IRS Abuse


Press release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Tim Walberg (MI-07) released the following statement after voting for a series of eight bipartisan bills to protect taxpayer rights, rein in IRS abuse, and increase accountability and transparency at the IRS.

“Tax Day is a vivid reminder of an ever-present truth: The tax burden on hardworking families is far too high and take-home pay is far too low. But it is also a reminder that the IRS is a mismanaged agency that has grossly abused its power, targeting citizens because of their political beliefs and unjustly seizing assets from innocent small business owners. Today’s bipartisan action will begin to clean up the IRS and make the agency more accountable to the American taxpayer,” said Walberg.

More details on the House-passed legislation:

H.R. 1058, Taxpayer Bill of Rights Act of 2015
Incorporates a taxpayer’s bill of rights into the core responsibilities of the IRS commissioner, including rights to quality service, to pay no more than the correct amount of tax, to privacy, and to challenge the IRS’s decisions and be heard.

H.R. 1152, IRS Email Transparency Act
Prohibits IRS employees from using personal email for official government business.

H.R. 1026, Taxpayer Knowledge of IRS Investigations Act
Amends the tax code to stop the IRS from using a provision that is designed to protect taxpayer privacy, but is instead used to protect government employees who improperly look at or reveal taxpayer information.

H.R. 1295, IRS Bureaucracy Reduction and Judicial Review Act
Prevents the IRS from targeting organizations because of their political or religious beliefs when filing for tax-exempt status.

H.R. 1314, Ensuring Tax Exempt Organizations the Right to Appeal Act
Amends the tax code to restore tax-exempt organizations’ right to appeal adverse IRS decisions.

H.R. 709, the Prevent Targeting at the IRS Act
Authorizes the IRS to terminate employees who target individuals because of their political beliefs.

H.R. 1104, Fair Treatment for All Gifts Act
Ensures fair and equal treatment for Americans who donate to tax-exempt organizations with the threat of a gift tax audit.

H.R. 1562, Contracting and Tax Accountability Act of 2015
Prohibits federal agencies from awarding contracts or grants above the simplified acquisition threshold to persons or companies that have seriously delinquent tax debt.

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